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From "Askild Aaberg Olsen" <>
Subject RE: Broken Pipes w/ Production Site
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 22:27:57 GMT :
> I'm running a production site using Tomcat 5.x and Cocoon 
> 2.1.2.  I'm planning on upgrading to 2.1.4 later next week.  
> But today I got a call from the boss asking me what was wrong 
> with the website.  I checked it.. and I was getting no 
> response.  No errors to the browser.. it just wasnt responding.
> I restarted and everything cleared up.  But I had a look at 
> the logs around the time of the site failure and the only 
> exception I could find around that time was a SocketException 
> for a Broken Pipe.  It appears numerous times and I'm not sure why.
> I saw some threads about this in the archive but no real 
> answers.  Could this cause our site not to respond?  I MUST 
> get this fixed asap (its a production intranet site for a 
> government contract).
> Anyone else using Tomcat for production?
> Thanks!  Here's the full exception...
> 2004-05-20 13:10:07 StandardWrapperValve[Cocoon]: 
> Servlet.service() for servlet Cocoon threw exception
> ClientAbortException: Broken pipe

It seems like the client aborted the connection, like when the user pressed
"Stop" in the browser when the page loaded. I'm using Jetty, but I get a
similar message here.

Try that yourself, by pressing "Stop" when the page loads, and see if you
get the same message.

If this is the case, I don't know if this is the cause of your problem.

There were some memory-leaks in Cocoon versions before 2.1.4. Maybe this is
the cause?
Then upgrading would certanly help.

Have been running 2.1.4 for 40 days straight now, but it's not a wery high
level of traffic on my sites, though.

Playing with the pools in the sitemap and the store-settings in cocoon.xconf
helped me a lot in terms of performance, especialy since my site seemed to
respond slower and slower before i did these changes.

Not much, but hopefully some of the more experienced users will have other
ideas when they wake up in the morning (The Cocoon-lists seems to follow
European times in terms of activity ;)

Good luck!


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