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From "Leonid Chumanov" <>
Subject [CForms] How can I use dynamic attributes in woody forms?
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 08:35:56 GMT
I want to use in my application (based on CForms (Woody))  dynamic
attributes in forms. That is the information on what fields should
contain in the form is formed dynamically. Use of a file with form
definition therefore does not approach. 
I all over again hoped that in WOODY API there will be the methods
allowing me to create Widget, to set its properties and to add it to the
form in the program Java  code. Then I could do without reading a file
of definition of the form. However I have not found such methods. Really
I should do such unproductive thing: dynamic formation of a file of
definition of the form during work of the program, and then use of it?
It would be too unproductive. Can I create the woody form using on input
SAX events, instead of a file?
I think, as a last solution I should use the repeater for creation of
dynamic fields, but it will essentially limit functionalities. 
Whether somebody can prompt me an optimum solution? Can anyone help

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