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From "Askild Aaberg Olsen" <>
Subject RE: question xsp
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 22:35:33 GMT
Andres Taborda wrote:
> List have this problem respect to visualization.
> want to view my page1 how:
> page1  ->  html + svg (image png)
> my page have code xml and use cinlude of other document with code svg.
> My problem is howto for what code xsp and xsl visualize
> the block how image svg (รณ png,jpeg).
> My page1 basically is an form what into values, after make click in 
> button submit  display information html and the column lefth 
> generate a 
> figure png.
> I use for this xsp for capture request parameters of the form and svg 
> for generate figure, logically this image convert to png.
> The result obtained is code HTML + codificacion text of svg.
> some can help me.

If I understand your problem correctly 

  -> "visualizing both the HTML *and* the SVG from *one* request with

then the Fragment Extractor Generator/Transformer-pair is for those cases.
It is not well documented
and I have not used it myself, but a search in the archives should provide
some hints.

Another option would be to add the request parameters from the form in the
src-attribute of the <img>-tag in the resulting HTML.


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