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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Complete DB app [was Re: Generating XML - Design decisions]
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 06:48:10 GMT

I think there are a number of us in the Cocoon world who would 
like/need to "graduate" from using SQL, ESQL/XSP for simple
DB apps to the approach you envisage.

The big question for me is that while I may be able to work my
way up the learning curve on all the components you have out-
lined below, it would more than extremely helpful to have a sample
application that addresses all these apects and covers most of
the issues one is likely to encounter in designing and building a
solid DB app.  

Assuming such existed, it would not only be a boon to "learners"
like myself but a great demo of Cocoon's power and flexibility and
something the community could point to when someone asks
"but what about using Tool X or Framework Y".


PS Integration / application of the Database reporter would also
be a great option to have in the sample!

>>> 2004/04/23 02:15:23 PM >>>
Hildebrandt, Ole wrote:
> I am fairly new to cocoon and I am planning to use it for a quite
> website. I keep thinking what the best way is to genrate XML from a
> database.

Persistence layer: OJB, Hibernate or similar O/R mapping tool
Business logic: Java classes
Controller: Flowscript
View: JXTemplateGenerator or Velocity

Don't let anyone try to convince you that you can find a better 
combination for Cocoon. You won't.


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