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From Sebastian <>
Subject Woody/Cocoon forms questions
Date Sun, 18 Apr 2004 19:24:00 GMT
Hi there,

I've following problem. I'm using woody with binding to hibernate.
In my database I've field called NIP (it is polish rate payer
identification number). It has 4 parts separated by '-'. I've written
successfuly validation class for this number and everything works
fine. Now I would like to change the way user can modify this number.
I would like to show 4 edits instead of one and then add '-' between
them, validate NIP and then store it in database. It is exaclty opposite
to wd:aggregatefield which allows to merge several fields into single
edit. My first idea was to create 4 wd:field's but what then? How to
merge them to allow validation on whole string and what is more important
how to merge them to allow binding just to single property?
Any idea? I hope that it is not another unimplemented feature like 
forms. It will always remains a great mystery for me why XForms and 
were deprecated when Woody is not mature enough to be the only form 
for Cocoon.

Thanks in advance,
Sebastian Gil

Thought by thought we see our own mistakes.


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