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From Olivier Billard <>
Subject XSP and logicsheets namespaces inclusions
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:49:47 GMT
Hi again,

I have an XSP that includes some logicsheets. Some of these logicsheets 
also includes a logicsheet (xsp-request for example).

But some times (10% of the time) after a restart of the server, a 
compilation error occurs, caused by the xsp-request logicsheet not 
beeing translated, and <xsp-request:...> elements appearing in the java 
source of the XSP.
Most of the time, the XSP compiles without any problem.

What could be the problem ?
Is it bad to use a logicsheet in another ?
Is there a special order in declaring logicsheets namespaces ?


Olivier Billard

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