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Subject Fw: Cocoon Forms - Woody
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 08:13:45 GMT
Dear Members,

1) Is there a way to translate the "general.field-required" label received 
when validating such a widget with @required=true

<wd:field id="tellus_lastname" required="true">
        <i18n:text key="tellus.lastname">tellus.lastname</i18n:text>
      <wd:datatype base="string">
          <wd:length min="1" />

I want to translate it with i18n 

1) Is there a way to get back the value and the label of a selection_list.

Actually what I made is a flowscript via JS  and in this javascript , I 
call a Java Object  : kind of Notes Document factory

tellus_country is  the selection list and in my object it receive the 
value and never the label ?

var TellUsFactory =;

function newTellUs()
      var form = new Form("context://woody/tellus/forms/entry.xml");
         cocoon.log.debug(">>> TELLUS : User pass the validation and wants 
to submit the request");
         var model = form.getModel();
          var tellusentry = new, 
model.tellus_email, model.tellus_country);
         if(tellusentry == null)
            throw "Can not create a new tell us entry";

Thanks a lot for your help !
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