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Subject Re: newbie question: Woody Binding help
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 07:51:48 GMT
You have to change the namespace of the generate <wd:selection-list>
Here is how I do it ( via an XSP)

<wd:selection-list xmlns:wd=
"" xmlns:i18n=

Hope it can help


"Billie" <>
27/04/2004 21:06
Please respond to users
        Subject:        Re: newbie question: Woody Binding help

Hi Joerg,

I tried to do exactly that, but I got that error about 'not bound'.  In my 
form definition, I do have 
that line:

<wd:selection-list src="cocoon:/mychoices.xml" dynamic="true"/>

and then the pipeline for mychoices.xml leads to an xml document with this 

<wd:item value="1"/>
<wd:item value="2"/>
<wd:item value="3">

What does that error mean?  And what might be going wrong?

> On 27.04.2004 20:25, Billie wrote:
> > I did look at the WoodyDatatypeReference page, but I didn't 
> When I tried to 
> > do just what you said there, I got an error 'The prefix "wd" for 
> "wd:selection-
> > list" is not bound' and I'm not sure what it means.  When you say 
> it to the 
> > format Woody expects"...  what format is that?
> > Billie
> <wd:selection-list src="cocoon:/mychoices.xml" dynamic="true"/>
> is part of the form definition, not the binding. It points to another 
> pipeline matching on mychoices.xml that provides a data structure like 
> the following one:
> <wd:selection-list>
>    <wd:item value="1"/>
>    <wd:item value="2"/>
>    <wd:item value="3">
>      <wd:label>three</wd:label>
>    </wd:item>
>    <wd:item value="4"/>
>    <wd:item value="5"/>
> </wd:selection-list>
> >>whereby mychoices.xml would match on a sitemap pipeline which could 
> >>use ESQL or the SqlTransformer to execute the query, and then 
> >>it to the format woody expects by using an XSLT.
> And this XML structure can be easily created using ESQL (XSP), 
> SQLTransformer and maybe an additional XSLT. This is exactly what Bruno 
> wrote.
> Joerg

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