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From "depub2" <>
Subject Internet Explorer 6.0 cocoon reader PDF defect
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 17:54:42 GMT
Using a reader, it is impossible to read a PDF file.

I am unable to get MS Internet Explorer 6.0 to display a PDF
file that comes from a reader. IE6 works fine when using the
fo2pdf serializer, but I need to use the reader to read a
static PDF file. This seems like a pretty basic/simple
thing; but cocoon can't seem to handle it.

The following sitemap excerpt behaves nicely with Mozilla
and MS IE 5.5; BUT NOT MS IE 6.0.

<map:match pattern="PDFdebug/*.pdf">
  <map:read mime-type="application/pdf"  src="{1}.pdf"/>

Using cocoon 2.1.4 release.

The behavior is a browser that just keeps waiting for
content to arrive (hang).

Help!! What's the problem??


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