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From <>
Subject RE: WebGate Availability
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 22:38:30 GMT
> This continues to look good - wish I had time right now to 
> play with it.


> I'm curious about how you integrated the 
> wordnet dictionary searching.  It looks like they are written 
> in C - did you use JNI, or Runtime.exec(), direct database 
> access, etc?

I went to this website:

They have a tool for converting the wordnet database to
a MySQL database.  I just downloaded the converted versions
for WordNet 1.7.1 off that website and learned a little how
the tables interact and what they meant and wrote some
simple WordNet sql queries to pull out definitions.

(sorry.. I missed that in my INSTALL.txt files about the
wordnet setup.  I've updated it in the new 1.2 version
of INSTALL.txt)

- Brent

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