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From Yves Vindevogel <>
Subject Re: (* - BIG - *) problem with Postgresql JDBC (related to Cocoon) - WAS Encoding problem on OSX
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 12:24:11 GMT
Sure, but ... it's not only OSX related.  I had the same problem too on 
Linux (Slack 9.1)
Seems to be a bug in Postgresql 7.4 (maybe) or my compilation of the 
driver (now checking)

Anyway, I think it should be put under a topic "Cocoon, file encoding 
and database (jdbc) encoding"

I'll create my piece of that document.  No problem with that.

On 01 Apr 2004, at 14:08, Jorg Heymans wrote:

> Thank god you finally solved it ! :)
> Seeing how much time you've spent on this (weeks AFAIK), could you 
> wiki this up maybe? I know the end solution shows that it was never 
> really a cocoon related problem but it could go into a "how to get 
> postgres and cocoon to play well together on MacOSX" section.
> Regards
> Jorg
> Yves Vindevogel wrote:
>> I mailed with Peter Mount regarding the Encoding problem on OSX.
>> I found out this ....
>> Peter sent me his .jar from version 7.2.
>> I recompiled my database and did initdb again, this time with 
>> --encoding=latin1
>> I used his jar, and tested with some dburls.
>> The one that works is with ?charSet=UTF8
>> And then, all of a suddenly, it works !!!
>> I see no real logic in it, but after searching a couple of weeks, I'm 
>> happy that it works.
>> I mailed Peter to find out why my jar is not working. Hope to hear 
>> from him soon.
>> This may be a bit off topic now, but I'd like to inform Alex and 
>> others that I did find a solution.
>> My tests with UTF8 proved vital, maybe they can do that too.
>> Begin forwarded message:
>>     *From: *Peter Mount <>
>>     *Date: *Thu 1 Apr 2004 11:25:54 CEST
>>     *To: *Yves Vindevogel <>
>>     *Subject: Re: (* - BIG - *) problem with Postgresql JDBC (related 
>> to
>>     Cocoon)
>>     *
>>     Yves Vindevogel wrote:
>>         Hi Peter,
>>         Thanks for the quick answer.
>>         I installed a Java SQL client called SQL4J. It's just a
>>         graphical thing around some JDBC drivers to do queries.
>>         The problem occurs there too, so it's not Cocoon related.
>>         Last night, I recompiled my postgresql with ./configure 
>> options:
>>         --with-java --with-perl --with-python --with-tcl
>>         --without-readline --without-tk and --with-multibyte (I saw 
>> this
>>         was a configure option in version 7.2 or 7.1, which is no 
>> longer
>>         used or no longer documented at least)
>>         I did my initdb with ./initdb -D mydir --encoding=latin1 and
>>         locale=us_en (or en_us)
>>         I created my testdb also with the --encoding=latin1
>>         That should help, right ? This is the way I do my encoding of
>>         the database ?
>>     Yes, although all that was needed was the createdb with
>>     --encoding=latin1.
>>     Adding that to initdb simply makes it the default for createdb.
>>         And for the jdbc url, I can simply use ?charSet=latin1
>>     Try it without ?charSet=latin1 and see what happens.
>>     I don't use it here (while my db's are latin1), so that may be 
>> part
>>     of the problem. The db is sending it ok, but then because of that
>>     parameter, the jdbc driver is then trying to translate it again.
>>         Could there be a conjunction with the Java VM ? I had this
>>         database running in version 7.3 and I had a problem connecting
>>         from one machine.
>>         That was a machine with all the latest software on it, 
>> including
>>         JVM 1.4.2_03. "Old" installations didn't have that problem.
>>     I find that the JVM version doesn't really matter. Usually with
>>     connection problems, its the version of postgresql and the jdbc
>>     driver that causes it most.
>>     Peter
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