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From "Hildebrandt, Ole" <>
Subject Generating XML - Design decisions
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 10:28:41 GMT

I am fairly new to cocoon and I am planning to use it for a quite big
website. I keep thinking what the best way is to genrate XML from a

- XSP seems too complicated and limited and there is no knowledge in the
developer-team available
- JSP seems okay, many developers are familiar with it, but are there any
drawbacks regarding performance (I think JSP-Generator is not cachable, is
it?) or other things?
- Writing a new Generator seems to be a too much, and not very practical in
development since you have to recompile it all the time and cannot make
changes at runtime
- Doing it with SQL- and XSLT-Transformers? Not so nice, since IMO the code
for implementing the logic is spread over too many files (Correct me if i am

It would be really helpful if someone had a pice of advise or any experience
what approach pays off best



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