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From "Marchiori Carlo" <>
Subject R: Cocoon without a web Container
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 09:29:20 GMT
Hello Upayavira,

I mean you must supply Request, Response, Session
implementations which have methods to support cookies, context path,
servlet path, pathinfo, etc... which are meaningful only
in a servlet enviroment. So Cocoon is biased for this environment.

Of course I can implement Request and Response interfaces
that hide the underlying non-servlet enviroment while 
still looking like web request and web response,
and this I'm going to do.


>>>-----Messaggio originale-----
>>>Da: Upayavira []
>>>Inviato: lunedì 5 aprile 2004 11.17
>>>Oggetto: Re: Cocoon without a web Container
>>>Cocoon is available outside of a container environment. It has been 
>>>specifically coded to be so. Whilst it is clearly mainly 
>>>focussed upon 
>>>an HTTP servlet environment, other environments are present, 
>>>and can be 
>>>The one you are probably looking for is the CocoonBean. This was 
>>>exctracted from the original Command Line Interface (CLI) 
>>>for generating 
>>>off-line sites, but it can be embedded within Java applications.
>>>Check out the code for the CLI, which uses the bean, within 
>>>the Cocoon 
>>>source, in src/java/org/apache/cocoon/ Hopefully 
>>>you'll get an 
>>>idea of how it works from there.
>>>Regards, Upayavira
>>>Marchiori Carlo wrote:
>>>>I would like to use Cocoon outside a web
>>>>environment. I think most of the Cocoon
>>>>heart is indipendent from such an enviroment.
>>>>Only, I see the method debug of the org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
>>>>class explicitly uses web session and request objects.
>>>>Maybe that should be removed. 
>>>>In my opinion protocol should be known only
>>>>by the component which sets up the invocation context,
>>>>which is outside of Cocoon, and eventually
>>>>by generators and serializers which may look up
>>>>protocol objects in the object model.
>>>>Is there anybody out there  interested in 
>>>>using Cocoon out of a web environment?
>>>>My target would be to use Cocoon in a general
>>>>integration environment.
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