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From Thomas Nichols <>
Subject RE: CRM or Sales Force Automation using Cocoon?
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 21:30:35 GMT

A few people have replied off-list, so I'll reply to the list since there 
seems to be some interest. From a look around OFBiz it seemed that the CRM 
modules are not yet very well developed, is that correct? The architecture 
looks pretty good, and there's certainly some activity there. Compiere 
again, when I looked at it, seemed strong in other areas - particularly ERP 
- but not what I was after for a CRM and "groupware" tool. Since I've 
worked with a number of these CRM beasts, most recently SalesForce and 
SalesNet, I was considering writing a very basic one that just meets our 
immediate needs using Cocoon.

Jeff Davis' post referred me to Thinlet - which is hugely attractive as a 
presentation layer. I'm just trying to work out whether Compiere / OFBiz 
are worth the extra investment on the server side, Cocoon seems to provide 
most of the architecture I need - auth, hibernate for persistence, flow 
etc. Given my simple requirements, and heeding Clay Shirky's advice on KISS:
what do you feel would be the major benefits of using OFBiz+Cocoon instead 
of just Cocoon?

We do not need a retail front end - high-value software, every sale 
involves sales people - though if we did OFBiz would be much more appealing.

Thanks for your suggestions thus far.

Best Regards,

At 15:41 09/04/2004, Chris Chesney wrote:

>OFBiz is a java-based platform that implements a service-oriented
>architecture and does a pretty good job separating concerns.  To
>simplify, it has a persistence layer, a service layer and an MVC layer
>for web clients.  A Cocoon app could integrate/utilize OFBiz at various
>levels.  How (specifically) were you intending on using Cocoon in this
>context?  Feel free to take this offline if you feel it wouldn't be
>appropriate for this list.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Thomas Nichols []
>Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 5:17 PM
>Subject: CRM or Sales Force Automation using Cocoon?
>Is anyone aware of a Sales Force Automation or Customer Relationship
>Management system built using Cocoon? Something with the functionality
> or similar would be ideal. There are some intersting
>projects out there for doing CRM, including OFBIZ, Compiere and
>but Cocoon is just so good I want to keep as much as possible of what we
>build using the Cocoon platform. Any suggestions?
>FWIW, other CRM tools can be found in a recent posting at
>Pointers, anyone?
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