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From "Nina Juliadotter" <>
Subject Cocoon's Lucene in WebLogic 8.1: redirection to index.html
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 09:11:59 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use cocoon on WebLogic 8.1, with varying success. I found the tip to
change the

<map:match pattern=""> to <map:match pattern="welcome">

in the main sitemap to avoid being automatically redirected by webLogic to an
non-existing index.html, and was happy so far, I got Cocoon up and running. However,
that simple trick doesn't work forever. As it says in the documentation, the ""
pattern is supposed to be replaced at run-time by the {1} parameter. This bit
doesn't seem to work at all when using webLogic, as the empty pattern gets replaced
by "index.html" instead of the parameter. So while the literal "welcome" might work
fine initially, it does not work for all sitemaps. In the Lucene sitemap, the *
pattern is to be replaced by the {1} at runtime, and {1} could be anything, not just
"welcome", but for example "create", as far as I understand.

For example, the URL


(no, http://localhost:7001/cocoon/search/welcome doesn't work at all, complaining
that it can't find the sitemap in folder "search")

gives me the error

org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: Resource not found.:
doesn't exist.

The sitemap snippet looks like:

<map:match pattern="*">
      <map:generate type="serverpages" src="{1}-index.xsp"/>

So it is quite clear that the {1} for some reason has been replaced by index.html.

Has anyone got cocoon seriously working on webLogic 8.1, and in that case how? Is
there a univeral tweak to turn off the damn index.html redirection?

Thanks guys,

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