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From Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson>
Subject Using JXTemplates\JXForms at the same time?
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 09:01:31 GMT
Hello, new list member here!

I'm working with a project that'll use Cocoon as a presentation layer.
I've been playing with the framework, and I'm stuck with a few 
questions; hope some of you can provide me with 

What I need to do, with related questions:

1: I need to generate markup where *all* content and *some* structure is
    dynamic (based on user variables).

    All visible text will be retrived from a database, based on
    language of user.  Also, the structure of a given webpage will in
    many cases be determined by user access level.  For example, a
    given table or form might be hidden (or trimmed) if user has few

    JXTemplate looks promising for this (conditionals, content
    extracted from related-via-control-flow-javabeans etc.)

    Question: Can I use some combination of JXForm\JXTemplate for this?
    The problem is that I need JXTemplate for conditionals in building
    the markup and content of the xml\html, but also I'd like to use
    JXForms for the forms\interactive content.

    I need both at the same time; for example, I'd like to use
    JXTemplate conditionals to determine how a given JXForm is
    presented. Is this at all possible? The pipelines\matchers I've
    seen only use either JXTemplate\JXForms.

2: I need to present our web pages with frames. I know aggregation of
    different xml sources is one way to do this, but the problem is that
    the menus we have in some of these frames also need to be built
    dynamically based on user access. Could one aggregate several
    sources that all use JXTemplates (+JXForms, see above)?

I realize xsp pages could solve some of the problems listed above, but
I'd like to find out whether it's possible (and viable) to implement
our project just using flows with JXTemplate\JXForm. :-)

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson
Oslo, Norway

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