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From Marcin Okraszewski <>
Subject Re: Removing non-xhtml tags from a string ???
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 08:47:04 GMT

> The empty string points probably to a thrown exception, doesn't it? 
> Maybe you should first look for jTidy options for getting the error 
> message to see, ignoring errors or even remove unknown tags.
> On a first sight at I found an 
> option "word-2000: bool" for ignoring Word 2000 markup. But of course 
> this does not necessarily mean that jTidy supports it too.

Yes, there is a method Parser.word2000(boolean), but it _ignores_, so 
passes these tags through, and so I have unbound prefix "o" in my xhtml. 
This results in errors while building xml later on.

I found a TagSoap project, which fixes input to XML only. It doesn't 
tidy HTML, but in my case it seems to suit more.

Marcin Okraszewski

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