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From Surjan Singh <>
Subject Coplet events for multiple users
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:26:26 GMT
Hello all,

We've been working with coplets in the portal engine. What we'd like to 
do is to fire an event which is then received by a coplet in another 
user's context.

For example, we have one user that logs in to monitor a list, which is 
displayed in a coplet. We have another user who can add items to the 
list. What we want to do is have the first user's list coplet to be 
invalidated when a new item is added, so that when the page refreshes 
(maybe automatically), the first user sees all of the items in the list.

Is this possible? If not, what would we have to do to make it work?

If someone can point us in the right direction, we can take it from there.


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