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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: Xindice
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:25:49 GMT
David Swearingen wrote:

> Thanks, Joerg.  So I read up on Xindice last night.  Are people using 
> Xindice for production sites yet, or is it still in alpha?

I know of people using XIndice in production. It is currently Beta, but 
we might expect a formal release at some point in the next three-six 
months or so (but don't quote me - my information is a bit out of date!)

Regards, Upayavira

> */Joerg Heinicke <>/* wrote:
>     On 23.04.2004 02:18, David Swearingen wrote:
>     > I picked Cocoon as my platform in part because of the elegance and
>     > simplicity of keeping content in xml files in a directory(s) where I
>     > can see them, and so I can have ad hoc document structures without
>     > having to be tied down to a RDBMS schema that can never match
>     all the
>     > content types I'll be publishing. So I think for simplicity's sake
>     > here assume I have a directory with a thousand xml files of textual
>     > content, say, news articles.
>     > So any given portal object needs at some point to be able to
>     query my
>     > repository for a few titles that meet a few criteria. That's easy in
>     > SQL of course -- but how do I do something like that in the
>     > XML/Cocoon world?
>     >
>     > Do I index? Do I scour through once and then cache for a few hours?
>     > D o I have a separate procedural/Java process that creates
>     > intermediate files that can be more rapidly transformed into
>     headline
>     > lists? I can imagine different general approaches, but I don't know
>     > how to implement with the Cocoon toolset, and I'm sure I'm not the
>     > first person to have this requirement.
>     A hand-written solution using DirectoryGenerator might be to slow if
>     there are really thousands of files. Though you can cache its output,
>     every non-cached access would probably take many seconds.
>     More appropriate seems to be the indexing using Lucene, but I
>     don't how
>     flexible it is with regard to your needs (latest 3, first sentence,
>     etc.). And the more stuff you have to store the more I would tend
>     to an
>     XML database like XIndice.
>     All components are delivered with a recent Cocoon.
>     Joerg
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