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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: Generating XML - Design decisions
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:01:06 GMT
You could try an Object/Relational bridge, like OJB or Hibernate,
and combine it with Flowscript.
You can use the JX generator to write bean information in the pages
dynamically (using, of course, flowscript and cocoon.sendPage)

There are tutorials and introductions on  the WIKI on that subject.

It is, of course, strongly recommended that you have some knowledge
about java if you're going to build a O/R bridge. But not that much.

Javascript (flowscript) is, as I understand, at present the recommended
way to write apps. It is also not hard to learn and Java classes
containing business logic can be called from withing the Javascript
interpreter (Mozilla Rhino).

OJB and Hibertnate do require some investment in time to get to know it.
I think a day full time playing is not too much, and will give you a
feeling for it.

Please visit the cocoon wiki and look at the howto's for more info.

Hope that helped a bit.


Hildebrandt, Ole wrote:
> Hi,
> I am fairly new to cocoon and I am planning to use it for a quite big
> website. I keep thinking what the best way is to genrate XML from a
> database.
> - XSP seems too complicated and limited and there is no knowledge in the
> developer-team available
> - JSP seems okay, many developers are familiar with it, but are there any
> drawbacks regarding performance (I think JSP-Generator is not cachable, is
> it?) or other things?
> - Writing a new Generator seems to be a too much, and not very practical in
> development since you have to recompile it all the time and cannot make
> changes at runtime
> - Doing it with SQL- and XSLT-Transformers? Not so nice, since IMO the code
> for implementing the logic is spread over too many files (Correct me if i am
> wrong)
> It would be really helpful if someone had a pice of advise or any experience
> what approach pays off best
> Regards
> Ole
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