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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: HTML fragment from database come escaped
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:28:05 GMT wrote:

> hi all
> i try to post the html fragment as content  of a text area in a xsp-action 
> that add this content to a database (msaccess), everything works fine and 
> when i check the table's content i see the posted html fragment.
> but when i use xsp to make a SELECT query, when i try to send this 
> fragment to the browser, the content is escaped
> so if the posted data are <strong>word</strong> instead i get a bold 
> "word" i see 
> "<strong>word</strong>"
> because < and > came escaped.
> has anyone try to do something similar?
> any hint ?

<xspdoc:desc>returns the value of the given column interpeted as an xml fragment.
  The fragment is parsed by the default xsp parser and the document element is returned.
  If a root attribute exists, its value is taken to be the name of an element to wrap around
the contents of
  the fragment before parsing.</xspdoc:desc>
<xsl:template match="esql:row-results//esql:get-xml|esql:call-results//esql:get-xml">


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