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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Newbie: Searching with html form parameters
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 20:35:57 GMT
On 14.04.2004 08:50, Nina Juliadotter wrote:

> What I have is an HTML form where the user can enter some search criteria and submit
> this, and get back all xml documents matching this (the documents all conform to a
> certain XML schema, so the elements in it are known). For example, there is an
> <input type="text" name="street"> where the user can enter the street name, and
> back all XML documents that have a "street" element with the same value as the one
> supplied by the user.
> In a "normal" servlet/jdbc environment (relational database), this is so straight
> forward, but how would I ideally go about doing this in Cocoon? I've glanced at
> Xindice and Cocoon's Lucene, but it all seems so complicated that I'm starting to
> think I'm not looking in the right direction.

Hmm, doing this with XIndice might be straight forward too, as you only 
have to translate all the request parameters into an XPath. There are 
XIndice samples in the xmldb block.


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