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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: [OT] Distributed Cocoon Collab Environment
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 06:51:07 GMT

under Tomcat, you can run multiple instances of the web app cocoon (in theory 
- didn't test it) but you might be looking for somthing like the
automount facility.
That means you all have different apps (a copy of the base app you work on)
mounted under different directories. You can each change your own app, and
when you are satisfied you could maybe merge it the normal CVS way in a
shared test app.

I personally do use my own development web server (tomcat) with my own
development version of cocoon and my own, other definitions of the datasources
used (it's in it's entirety one tarfile on NFS:). It's not really difficult, 
you get you own test logs unencumbered with
normal operations data, and you can develop on the "real" database - as far
as the web-app is concerned. And tomcat/cocoon is not really heavy, only
the startup takes some time, so working on a private copy has its advantages.

But other people undoubtedly do this differently, and I'm also quite
curious on how others do this.


Julian wrote:
> Hi all,
> I really love cocoon, but find it cumbersome to install and configure a 
> web server,etc. for each machine I work with.  I have looked into Apache 
> Gump, but it won't address minor changes as development progresses 
> throughout the day...only "patches" to the main CVS tree.  I want to 
> have one server environment to test code.  The environment would support 
> multiple workspaces so the incremental changes by different users won't 
> conflict.  Somehow Cocoon (?) could differentiate a request from me and 
> another developer when one of us logs in to see how the changes affect 
> the app.  Does anyone have any experience or suggestion for setting up 
> this kind of "development" environment?  I imagine some web-app/asp 
> environments have this kind of ability for differentiating users in 
> order to access custom pages/data-sources within the "standard" web-app.
> Much Obliged,
> Julian
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