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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: i18n questions
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 12:48:06 GMT
On 10.04.2004 12:13, Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>> Now using the i18n transformer afterwards everything should go on as 
>> normal. Hopefully the feature was not added between your Woody version 
>> and the recent CForms version.
> Was this a recent addition ?

Not that I'm aware of. I only wrote it as I did not want to write just 
"works for me", for the case you already tested it more intensively.

>> var i18nLabel = new 
>> selectionlist[0] = {value: SimpleDescriptor.NO_VALUE, label: i18nLabel};
> Ah Ha !!!!
> That looks like it would work !!

I hope so and would be interested if it does.

> We have several situations where it would be useful to be able to use 
> Package references to static properties from i18n keys or woody model 
> declarations.
> eg.
> <wd:range min="#{Packages.blah.SimpleDescriptor.MIN_VALUE}">
> or
> <message key="search.#{Packages.blah.Query.EQUALS_MATCH}.match">exactly 
> matches</message>
> as this saves you keeping declarations of the same value synchronised 
> between display and backend.
> I suppose I could turn all of my i18n message files and woody models 
> into JX Templates, but I am not fond of the idea.

That's not my part :) Though it sounds interesting. Personally I would 
not like to have the functionality doubled from JXTemplate to I18n, but 
would prefer a cocoon:/ internal pipeline catalogue. Caching is 
important then of course.


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