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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: Best Way to Build a "Traditional" Website Structure Using Coc oon?
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 12:57:36 GMT
I forgot to mention something.

If I use xsp to generate my xml tree, I use xsl to format
it. It's easy and clear, and it allows you to include or
import other xsl template files. (Each more complex table
type it's own xsl file so it's easier to keep an overview).

If I use JavaScript or Java to generate my documents I use
a template document for cocoon.sendPage( template, bean )
and I put my data in the bean. The bean is than "extracted"
into the template by the JXTemplate processor. This is
particularly convenient in the case of - you guessed it - tables.
You can add a Collection (JavaScript Array also works) to
jx and use jx:forEach to iterator over that and create a

I think the method is quite depend on what you want - if you
deal with a few simple semi-static pages XSP is more than
sufficient. If you have a full-grown application with
numerous forms you'll probaly want flowscript/javascript and
then JX is for you.

This is just my 2 cents, no doubt other people will disagree.


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