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From Ray Allis <>
Subject Re: CForms: how to retain htmlarea structure within a larger XML document
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 17:18:30 GMT
Sorry I am so obtuse.  I meant htmlarea, not htmlform. 

I just want to do what NewsML does, i.e. have XHTML embedded
in a larger XML document.  Like so:
                        <html xmlns="">
                                <p> HEBRON, West Bank, Sept 23 (Reuters) 
- A Palestinian gunman  fired at Jewish settlers and pilgrims in the 
West Bank city of  Hebron on Monday during Jewish Sukkoth holiday 
celebrations,  wounding at least four people, rescue workers said.</p>
                                <p> The attack occurred near the Cave of 
the Patriarchs, a  shrine revered by Moslems and Jews.</p>
                                <p> Hundreds of Israelis flocked to 
Hebron, where some 400  settlers live in heavily guarded enclaves, for 
the holiday that  commemorates the wanderings of the biblical Israelites 
in the  Sinai desert after exodus from slavery in Egypt.</p>
                                <p> Rescue workers said one of the four 
people wounded in the  attack was in extremely critical condition. </p>
                                <p> Witnesses said the gunman escaped 
through Hebron's narrow  alleyways after firing at a group of Israelis.</p>
                                <p> Such attacks in the past have often 
drawn violent  retaliation by settlers in Hebron, regarded as some of 
the most  militant in the West Bank.    </p>
... and I want to create, edit, delete these documents in xindice with 
cforms, flow and binding.
Probably fairly straightforward, if I weren't a newbie.  :-)

I have most of it working, except the <html> element keeps turning into 
a string, and I do not
understand how to treat it as an XML fragment.

Ray Allis.

Mark Lundquist wrote:

> On Apr 3, 2004, at 9:43 AM, Ray Allis wrote:
>     O.K., I think I understand now how to ask the question. I am
>     starting from the 'forms'
>     XML binding sample:
>     <!--
>     | Binding form sample, using flowscript
>     -->
>     <map:match pattern="form2xml.flow">
>     <map:call function="handleForm">
>     <map:parameter name="function" value="form2xml"/>
>     <map:parameter name="form-definition" value="forms/form2_model.xml"/>
>     <map:parameter name="documentURI" value="forms/form2_data.xml"/>
>     <map:parameter name="bindingURI" value="forms/form2_bind_xml.xml"/>
>     </map:call>
>     </map:match>
>     ... and I want two fields to be 'htmlform' widgets.
> What is an 'htmlform widget'?
>     I _think_ what I'm trying to do
>     is 'bind' those fields from the displayed form to the database and
>     back as an XML
>     fragment (XHTML). But they are 'escaped' in the data written to disk.
>     What I want is a <body> element containing XHTML:
>     <dateline>PATUXENT RIVER, Md. April 2, 2004</dateline>
>     <body><p>The <a
>     href="">V-22</a>
>     Integrated Test Team resumed air-to-air refueling flights recently
>     for the first time since the program's return to flight in May of
>     2002.
>     </p>
> OK — what does the above have to do with /forms/? There are no HTML 
> form controls in the HTML fragment above. All you have there is a <p> 
> element containing a hyperlink and some text. Where's the form? Where 
> are the form controls (that is: <input> elements)?
> There's some kind of disconnect going in here, but I can't tell just 
> what it is... your example makes it look like all you're trying to do 
> is some simple output (i.e., presentation). But you did say "bind 
> those fields from the displayed form to the database and back" which 
> makes it sound like you really do have an input-side problem to solve 
> as well... ?
> ~ mark

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