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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: essential reading
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2004 14:13:15 GMT
jacques couzteau dijo:
> hello,
> with respect to the wealth of documentaion material i am seeking some
> advice on what books or online articles/docs/HowTo are essential to
> read in order to implement something like an online-mag that reads from
> a posgreSQL-db and static text and runs in tomcat.
> My goal is to get a quickstart at developing my own wepapps using XSLT
> and a posgreSQL and get the important stuff right from the beginning.
> I like hands-on-examples and working apps that i can derive my own apps
> from and i want solutions quickly. I'm a programmer with scientific
> background and i know Perl, C/C++, Java. I'm quite fond of the Perl
> Cookbook. Is the XSLT-Cookbook good for me?
> So far i had a glance of the online cocoon-documentation, the the
> oreilly-XML-Bookshelf, some articles at and the apache
> definitive guide. I'm willing to buy a book, but from a book that i buy
> i expect to use it a lot.
> What about the following books:
> +XSLT Cookbook by Sal Mangano

Beginning XSLT from Jeni Tenninson is a excelent book to start from cero
in the XSLT world: ASIN 1861005946

Also the XSLT 2nd Edition from Michael Kay is great. It is a reference
book very useful once you know about XSLT. I think it is a best seller.
ASIN: 0764543814
BTW, Michael Kay is the author of Saxon a XSLT processor.

---- Cocoon books ------

If you are looking to develop a application the cream of Cocoon - CForms,
Flow and OJB for DB oriented application, there is no book at all.

All the published Cocoon books are related to Cocoon 2.0.x They are not
related to Cocoon 2.1.x or better. But, they provide a good introduction
to the cocoon wold. Of course the 2.0 features can be used in 2.1 too.

> +Cocoon 2 Programming (Bill Brogden, Conrad D'Cruz, Mark Gaither)

I have this book and I would not recommend you will waste you money.

> +Cocoon Developer's Hanbook (by Lajos Moczar (Author), Jeremy Aston)

The Lajos book is very good is you are looking to work with XSP. It can be
also used as a reference book.

> +Cocoon: Building XML Applications by Carsten Ziegeler (Author),
> Matthew Langham (Author)

This book is great to one who wants to know the internals of Cocoon. It is
useful if you need to extend Cocoon with your own components, including
the Apache Avalon ECM architecture, logging system, etc. The book mainly
concentrate in the usage of tranformers as the way to develop Cocoon
applications. You will find just one chapter about XSP.
Of course the book also cover the basics as sitemap, cocoon protocols,
etc. I really like this book too.
Not needed to say that Carsten is one of the most active developers of

> +Cocoon 2 Programming: Web Publishing with XML and Java

This is the same book as the first one from Bill Brogden, Conrad D'Cruz,
Mark Gaither. Again, don't waste your money here.

> The wealth of material is killing. I don't know where to start?

well, I hope this will help you.

> Thank you for suggestions.
> jacques

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