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From beyaNet Consultancy <>
Subject redirect problem with flowscript : No pipeline matched request: safe_user_area
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 00:31:21 GMT
i have a flowscript funtion which does the following:

var user = null;
var newUser = new User();
var msg = "";

function login() {

	while (user == null) {
		cocoon.sendPageAndWait("login.jx", {"msg":msg});
		try {
			user = newUser.getUser(cocoon.request.get("username"), 
cocoon.request.get("password") );
			msg = "The username password combination you entered does not exist. 
Please retry.";

So, when a user has been accepted at login redirect them to 
safe_user_area. I have tried cocoon.redirect(uri) but keep getting an 
error which says that the redirect function does not exist, when it 
does! When am I being told that a map pattern which exists, doesn't????

			<map:match pattern="safe_user_area">
						<map:aggregate element="home">
							<map:part src="cocoon:/support/beya-menu"/>
								<map:part src="cocoon:/support/contract-summary"/>
									<map:part src="context://beyarecords/content/adv-xyz-01.xml"/>
										<map:part src="cocoon:/support/banner"/>
						<map:transform type="xslt" src="style/home-page.xsl"/>
					<map:call resource="serialize"/>

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