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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Cocoon and many servers
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:20:49 GMT
Hi all!

I've tried to find out some articles/tutorials/howtos from web, howto 
create a big cocoon site.

Currently using:
- tomcat 4.1.29
- cocoon 2.1.3
- apache 2.0.something

There is coming a request for HA and for power for my cocoon 
application and it will be first be running on 2 servers and then later 
on more servers.

Question is: How to make it work fine?

Use some load balancing in apache?

What if user 1 has a session establish on server A and then load 
balancer throws it to server B, is session still valid? How to make 
sure that sessions stay valid? Should I make session store to a 
SQL-server (running on server C, later on C and D with replication).

My "dream" is to have a framework (cocoon) which, when more power 
needed, I would just insert 1 new server to rack and after it has been 
configured, it's powers would be in use without touching the 
application running on that framework.

Atleast minimum two servers is needed for HA and it has also session 
etc problems to solve.


- Joose

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