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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: Cocoon: Language Babel -or- Database Development Platform ?
Date Wed, 28 Apr 2004 16:43:18 GMT
Il giorno 28/apr/04, alle 18:08, Tony Collen ha scritto:

> I'm sure Ugo, as well as other people on the lists can relate some 
> real-world success stories about using Cocoon.

Just today we released a new Cocoon web appplication. It's still beta, 
and it's all in Italian, but you can try it here: 
(don't hit it too hard, it's running on a temporary server with very 
little memory). It's made on Cocoon 2.1.4 with flowscript and Woody (no 
CForms yet), plus Hibernate and Lucene to index XML docs stored as 
CLOBs. Unfortunately, the real meat of the application is in the 
backoffice, password-protected section.

>> So, my question is:
>> *** Which solid, well-documented approaches, using primarily
>> Cocoon-based mechanisms, exist to create complex database 
>> applications? These approaches need to be at least documented in a 
>> detailed article
>> and, preferably, in a well-written tutorial/guide.

I've been thinking about writing a whole book on the subject, 
tentatively titled "Developing Web Applications with Apache Cocoon and 
Hibernate" or something like that. I'll sure do it in my copious free 
time ([1]) ;-).

> Ugo Cei has claimed that all you need is Flowscript, CForms, some sort 
> of O/R mapping (Like hibernate or OJB), and the JXTemplateGenerator 
> and you're set.  I tend to agree with him, but I have no practical 
> experience to back it up with :)

Well, not exactly. I have claimed that you won't find better tools, not 
that they are all that you need. In fact, I've used Lucene to handle 
searching in the above-mentioned app.

>> * My last thought is - if there is no well-explained answer to either
>> of the above, does this mean we are on the cutting edge when it comes 
>> to
>> this type of work... because then I will at least know where I stand 
>> and
>> can, hopefully, decide accordingly!
> The fact that I've heard Struts developers speaking of pulling out 
> pieces of Cocoon for their own use seems to indicate that we are on 
> the bleeding edge.  It's tough, but it's also really fun :)

Amen brother ;-)

And to be still more on the bleeding edge, I'm thinking of introducing 
the usage of the Spring framework to help with the "business logic" 
layer of my next apps.



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