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From "Kannan V" <>
Subject Re: Dynamic , individual xsl generation
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:26:55 GMT
Dear Joerg,
Thanks  for the reply.

>>What's the input, what is"complex", where is the data stored and so on
         Input is in the form of xml which is generated at run time whose structure
is known.We have around 300 forms with different layouts. Part of a report will be in 2 column
layout and the next part can be in 3 column layout. We only need a solution for print ready
pdf reports since the input from is in html. ( We have already haveclasses to generate xml
from the input data ). 
       Now we are keeping separate style sheets for each report with some namingconventions
and link them at run time wth the xml string to produce pdf using FOP APIs. We are looking
a way to avoid keeping individual style sheets 
for each and every report.What we have in mind is to have a Database Schema to store the xsl
fo layout information and wirte Java Classes which will glue the pieces together. Is there
a much elegant way to do this thing using coccoon and few style sheets ? Some reports are
very complex and i am now in a search to find a DB schema to store the layout information
. Can you guide me to some links or resouces regarding this issue ?

Expecting your reply,

thanks and regards,
-- Kannan

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From: Joerg Heinicke 
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 14:58:50 +0200 
Subject: Re: Dynamic , individual xsl generation 

> On 10.04.2004 11:48, Kannan V wrote: 
> > Dear All, 
> > I have a project ( jsp and sevlets ) in which I am using xml 
> > and xslt to generate very complex reports.Althogther there are about 
> > 300 reports. I am using one xsl file for data input page and another 
> > for print ready report. ( html only ). So I have to store 600 xsl files 
> > for 300 reports !!. 
> One stylesheet for each page is indeed not handable. We started our 
> first Cocoon project with this approach - but with far less than 300 
> stylesheets, maybe 25. For current projects we only use one stylesheet 
> that fits all. The input must be more structured then of course. 
> > I am trying to replace this framework with cocoon and fop ( for 
> > print ready pdf ). Is it possible to generate complex, individual reports 
> > using cocoon dynamically ? That is , I want to avoid storing the style shhets 
> > statically in the server. ( instead, have as database design to store the xsl-fo

> > information for each report ) If there are any cocoon gurus around, please 
> > reply about the feasibility of this project. ( which framework to use 
> > like jsp , xsp.. 
> Yes, Cocoon sounds perfect for this job. For details some more 
> information is probably needed. What's the input, what is "complex", 
> where is the data stored and so on. For pure data retrieval XSP might be 
> sufficient (ESQL [1]). I would not recommend JSP for low support reasons. 
> Joerg 
> [1] 
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