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From <>
Subject How to get notified when users login or logout in authentication-fw
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2004 14:10:54 GMT
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I tried the authentication-fw with the help of the document
and everything works well. :-)<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; But I have a question about how to get notified when a user
logs in or logs out.&nbsp; I want to write something to log when a specific user logs
in or out.&nbsp; It's not enough to add some codes to the login and logout actions because
the logout event can be triggered by session timeout event, so the direct solution is let
the object implement the HttpSessionBindingListener interface but the object, which is UserState
in authentication-fw, doesn't implement that interface and furthermore it is decared as 'final'.<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Any suggestions? Thx. :)<BR>
Steven Gong<BR><hr>Msg sent via Spymac Mail -

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