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From leon tian <>
Subject Re: transform xhtml with xsl style sheet.
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:12:44 GMT
hi, thanks for your reply! i guess that's where the problem is. my xsl stylesheet can't work
on the xhtml generated by HTMLGenerator coz HTMLGenerator put a default namespace as:
<html xmlns="">

i need to transform the web page dynamically so i can't just erase it. and i can't find the
config option from tidy to omit it. how can i handle it then?
my xsl namespace:
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.1" xmlns:xsl="">

Leon Widdershoven <> wrote:
If you have xhtml you probably don't have namespace prefixes to the element.
Is a default namespace set (the one your xsl works on)?

Philipp Burkert wrote:

>> i wanna transform the xhtml file which generated by 
>>htmlgenerator with xsl style sheet. [...] but seems my 
>>test.xsl doesn't make any change. does that mean xsl 
>>cann't go with xhtml? how can i make it work?
>XHTML is a language defined in XML. Hence this should be no problem for XSL
>stylesheet, which is supposed to transform XML. *g* Please give your XHTML
>source along with the XSLT source so we can inspect the problem...
>Best Regards
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