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From "Lars Huttar" <>
Subject how to initiate a CVS update from within Cocoon?
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:17:39 GMT
Hi all,
We're a team developing a Cocoon application, and we're sharing
our code (cocoon/mount/**) via CVS.
We have a test server, which we'll call salem, on which resides
a copy of Tomcat and Cocoon and our code.
The goal is to have a process for updating certain folders on
salem from the CVS server; and we want to be able to run this
update process remotely. Doing it through Cocoon itself would be
ideal (because it would leverage the ability we already have,
to send request URLs to salem, and avoid the need to give each
team member special permissions to run a Windows Scheduled Task,
not to mention that one of our members is a Mac user and can't
run Windows Scheduled Tasks over the network anyway).

So, what we need is a way to run a "cvs update" command from
Cocoon. Any ideas on how we could do this?
I see there is an Ant <cvs> task.
If that's a good idea, how do we call Ant from a Cocoon sitemap?


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