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From Jean Pierre LeJacq <>
Subject Re: Empty elements and the XML Serializer
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:05:16 GMT
On Mon, 22 Mar 2004, Steve Krulewitz wrote:

> I've been using the XMLSerializer to serialize xhtml (set up in a
> similar way as the stock distribution's root sitemap), but I'm running
> into some problems with the way empty elements are treated, specifically
> the script and textarea tags.  The XMLSerializer will render the empty
> element as:
> <textarea />
> But according to the Dev Guru XHTML reference's page on the textarea
> element [1], a separate closing tag is mandatory:
> <textarea></textarea>
> Browsers seem to agree with this -- textarea tags and script tags
> rendered without a separate closing tag are just ignored.
> What can be done about this sort of inserting spaces between the tags to
> force the closing tag to be rendered?

A quick check with the OpenSP validator shows that the <textarea/>
is fine with XHTML-1.1.  I would expect the same for earlier
versions of HTML.

Mozilla does indeed render this incorrectly.  However, konqueror
renders it fine.

As a work around, how about placing a non-visible character such as


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