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From Christopher Painter-Wakefield <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: Very strange IE problem
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 18:15:33 GMT


here's the essence of the code, implemented in XSP.  We have a sitemap
entry that generates from this XSP whenever the URL is of a pattern
"/pleasewait/*".  We can then do a pleasewait before any page we want by
simply putting "/pleasewait" in front of the usual URL.

The key line is the one that adds a "refresh" header to the response, with
a timeout of zero.  (This is the same mechanism that website use to
redirect you to a new URL, but usually with a timeout of 5-10 seconds.)
When this page loads (in every browser we've tried), it displays and then
immediately times out and calls the new URL.  While it is waiting for a
response from the server, it is still displaying the Please Wait message,
usually along with a busy cursor.  As soon as the new page is returned from
the server, it is displayed in the browser.


      String thisURL = request.getRequestURI();
      String query = request.getQueryString();
      int start = thisURL.indexOf("/pleasewait");
      String newURL = thisURL.substring(0, start) + thisURL.substring(start
+ "/pleasewait".length());
      newURL = response.encodeURL(newURL);
      if (query != null) {
            newURL = newURL + "?" + query;
      response.addHeader("refresh", "0;URL=" + newURL);

      String message = request.getParameter("pwmsg");

      Please Wait
      <h2>Please Wait</h2>
            if (notEmpty(message)) {
            } else {
                  <h3>We are requesting your information...</h3>

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A co-worker had a similar problem with IE calling a PDF from an applet,
which does not work either. So he interposes a html page with the link
to the pdf... Maybe these problems are related.

And, by the way, could you tell something about the implementation of
the "please wait" page? How does the page know when the generation
process is ready?



Am Mi, 2004-03-03 um 18.25 schrieb Christopher Painter-Wakefield:
> I don't know if this is related, but we have a similar problem with a
> that generates PDFs.  The generation take a while, so we have a "please
> wait" page that displays and does a refresh to get the generated page
> it is ready.  IE won't open the PDF, and gives a strange error message.
> This definitely only started happening recently (last six months,
> and we believe it is due to some security patch or other.  However,
> changing the security settings for IE to the most permissive doesn't fix
> the problem.  If we don't use the refresh page, the problem goes away.
> If anyone finds a workaround involving some change to IE settings or
> whatever, please share it!
> -Christopher

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