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From Joose Vettenranta <>
Subject Accessing request-params from java-object called by flowscript
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 11:31:36 GMT
Hi again,

I have a java object which wants to know 5 value sent by browser.

In flow script I can call

But because that is not always the case and only java object knows how 
many of those are required..


is it possible to pass that cocoon.request object to java object, so in 
that java-object I could do like

class javaObject {
  String param1;
  String param2;
  String param3;
  String param4;
  String param5;

  void getParams (object cocoonRequest) {
   param1 = cocoonRequest.get ("param1");
   param2 = cocoonRequest.get ("param2");
   param3 = cocoonRequest.get ("param3");
   param4 = cocoonRequest.get ("param4");
   param5 = cocoonRequest.get ("param5");

so in flowscript I could just call

my.own.javaObject.getParams (cocoon.request);

Then when new javaObject's are created, I just make that class 
accessible for javascript and it works, no need to change flowscript 
itself. And If I save object-data in a LList, I can do walk through on 
those components and ask the to get those params...

- Joose

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