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From "Corin Moss" <>
Subject "Corrupt" Data on very large XSLT translations
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 07:21:17 GMT


We're using Xalan (2.6.0) with heavy use of Java extensions (especially
the e-xslt extensions)  and from time to time, we've been noticing
document being rendered with odd corruptions which render them invalid
XML fragments.

At other times, part of the source document makes its way into the
translated output!

Some of documents being translated are around the 1meg mark - although I
don't really think that this should cause too much trouble.

We also make quite extensive use of namespaces - sometimes up to a

At first I attributed this to a corrupt store, but I've recently
re-implemented the persistent store using a different cache store, and
still have this trouble.  It may well be a Xalan issue, but I thought I
should ask here first.

Some specifics:

Xalan 2.6.0 (although 2.5.2 exhibited the same issues)
Xerces 2.6.2
Documents ~1meg
Using Xalan extension elements: evaluate,  dyn:map
Problem occurs erratically, not just under high load.
Raw input source makes its way into  output.
We have up to a 5 level hierarchy in our document structure.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?



Corin Moss
Lead Developer
TVNZ Interactive

+64 9 916 7367
+64 21 403 054

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