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From "lech" <>
Subject Transformer lost the structure of input stream???
Date Sat, 27 Mar 2004 10:11:31 GMT
I tried to aggregate several xml streams and transform the aggregated stream by a xsl transformer.
all goes well except that the markup, for example 
I want the output to be 
<FirstStream><name>     TheFirstName    </name>    <data>  TheFirstData
  </data> /FirstStream>....

But the output I got is:    <FirstStream>    TheFirstName    TheFirstData  </FirstStream>....

the" <name>" and "<data>"is lost,  does anybody have some idea why?
here is my input streams, pipeline and transformer, thanks for your time and help ve~~~~~~~~ry
much indeed


<xsl:template match="overall">
<FirstStream><xsl:apply-templates select="stream1"/>
    <xsl:apply-templates select="stream2|stream3"/>

        here is the descript
        Here is the remark
and here is my pipeline:
     <map:match pattern="aggregated">
 <map:aggregate element="overall">
  <map:part src="stream1.xml"/>
  <map:part src="stream2.xml"/>
<map:part src="stream3.xml"/>
<map:transform src="stylesheet.xsl">
<map:serialize type="html" />
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