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Subject Fins component (problem with label Y-axis )
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:46:23 GMT
Hi all,

I use Fins for creating dynamic graphs.

      <chart:properties title="Pollutans in sea-water"
category-axis-label="Sampling points" value-axis-label="Ylabel"
legend="east" /> 
      <chart:frame width="500" height="300" /> 

The attribute value-axis-label isn't properly displayed...   (following SVG
code is generated).  Anybody who has the same problem?? And did you find a

Ps.  Will it be possible to put hyperlinks behind the graph elements in the
future?? I'm thinking of hyperlinks on pieces of piechart and bars of
barchart etc...

<text x="3.499" y="153.677" transform="matrix(0,-1,1,0,-129.2747,169.6301)"
clip-path="url(#clipPath3)" fill="black" stroke="none" xml:space="preserve">
Kind regards,

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