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From Mark Lundquist>
Subject [forms+flow v2] removeRow(0) no work?
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 21:45:59 GMT

I've got the following flowscript:

     function addPromo (text) {
         var row = wid.promos[wid.promos.length];
         row.text.value = text;
         var button = row.deleteButton;
         button.onClick =
             function () {
                 // wid.promos.removeRow (0);
                 // return;
                 var index = button.getParent().getId();
                 wid.promos.removeRow (parseInt(index));

Simple repeater, each row has a text field and a "delete" button that 
deletes the row.  It works except for row 0!  I can delete all the 
other rows, but whenever I try to delete the first row, nothing 

As a sanity check, I added the 2 lines of code that are commented out 
above, and then all my buttons do nothing.

What might the problem be here?

Thanks a lot,

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