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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [genuine] Re: Newbie running a servlet. help appreciated.
Date Tue, 30 Mar 2004 23:27:15 GMT
On 31.03.2004 01:04, Jochen Hagenström wrote:

>>> I just tried the cocoon-mag servlet from steve puntes article on 
>>> publishing an online-mag with cocoon. but i had no success. These are 
>>> my first steps with cocoon, so i might be missing something.
>> There is no need to download the WAR from that place (which is Cocoon 
>> 2.0.3 btw), just use Cocoon 2.1.4 and type "build war" for a 2.1.4 WAR 
>> file.
> i suppose i'd need the original files ( XSL stylesheets and the sitemap 
> file), right? I don't have them. Is it possible in that case to run the 
> servlet without installing old software?

Now I'm missing something. The article describes a Cocoon based 
application and you want to try it out? Yes, then you need the 
additional stuff. This can be classes, stylesheets, sitemaps, or 
similar. From what I see on a quick look you only need the articles 
directory and the files in the root. I don't know exactly if the sitemap 
works as it is, but just try it out and report back any errors.


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