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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: continuation-id
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 22:51:25 GMT

Jason Lane wrote:

> Hi list,
> how can I access the continuation-id of a woody bind through it's 
> classpath? (hope that's the right terminology).

I'm afraid it isn't, in fact your complete message sounds more like a 
heavenly-inspired haiku. Well that, or you should explain us which drugs 
you are taking (we want some too!) :-)

(sorry, I couldn't resist, pls: no offense intended)

please explain what your problem really is, and hopefully we could help 
you out

already some random remarks:

> I realise that <wt:continuation-id/> will output <input value="xxx" 
> type="hidden" name="continuation-id"/> to the form but I want to do 
> something like:

the purpose of this is the following:
sometimes people don't like the continuation-id in the URL (address-bar 
of the browser) and want to communicate the continuation-id as a (hidden 
form-input-field) request-parameter

the typical snippet of sitemap that handles that:
<map:match pattern="uri-pointing-to-functionX">
   <map:select type="method">
     <!-- GET : start the flow for this screen -->
     <map:when test="GET">
       <map:call function="X"/>
     <!-- POST (form submission) : continue the flow -->
     <map:when test="POST">
       <map:call continuation="{request-param:continuation-id}"/>

> <map:parameter name="continuation-id" 
> value="org.apache.cocoon.woody.binding.getId"/>

just to get some mist out of the way: cforms(woody)-binding has nothing 
to do with continuation-id's

guessing your goal: to get a hold of the continuation-id inside the 
sitemap (e.g. to pass it to a xslt stylesheet or so) you can use a 
input-module for that (there is one in the scratchpad IIRC:

for how to use modules read up :


> Many thanks
> Jason
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