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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Mount and session propagation problem.
Date Fri, 26 Mar 2004 02:38:34 GMT
On 27.02.2004 20:46, Oscar Picasso wrote:

> Problem solved
> The problem described previously only happens when the client browser has its
> cookies diabled and when consequently the urls are encoded.
> Here is my understanding:
> - when using mount B/**, cocoon treats B like a "pseudo directory B/" that is
> not supposed to have any attached SESSIONID info or query string.
> - so if in A I have a link like
> /B;jsessionid=D5D7D8F2B9F68E514403CA0965583E43?locale=it, on mounting B, cocoon
> discard the ";jsessionid=D5D7D8F2B9F68E514403CA0965583E43?locale=it" part of
> the URL.

Cocoon does not discard anything. The servlet container handles this. 
Just for clarification ...

> - if I link deeper to B from A, it works fine. Example:
> /B/some-document;jsessionid=D5D7D8F2B9F68E514403CA0965583E43?locale=it. In this
> case the session id and the request parameters are rightly propagated.


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