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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Reporting a bug
Date Thu, 25 Mar 2004 23:56:58 GMT
On 27.02.2004 04:15, Guy Worthington wrote:

> I'm not brave enough to use bugzilla.  (Actually that's not quite
> true, but it sounds much better than "I'm too stupid to use bugzilla."
> And if there's one thing I'm good at it's self-delusion.)

Let's blame bugzilla's bad usability for it :)

> I wanted a user directory on a win2k box, so I edited sitemap.xmap.
> In the block of text, labeled "mount user directories" I rem'd out the
> unix path to a user directory, and replaced it with the win32 path.
> Now to what I think is a bug: The win32 user directory path lacks a
> trailing slash.  That is, the src attribute in the map:mount element
> should look like:
>     src="/Documents and Settings/{1}/My Documents/My Website/"
> where there is a trailing slash after the "My Website" directory.
> I've searched (fruitlessly) the Apache Bug Database using keywords
> "win32 sitemap.xmap" but I'm sure that search isn't sufficient.  So
> now I'm stuck, with neither insight into Cocoon's architecture to do a
> comprehensive search, nor competence in bugzilla to generate a report
> of all reported bugs in Cocoon.
> I need some help out of this rut.  Specifically I need to know whether
> this bug has been reported, and if it hasn't been, some simple
> guidelines on how I go about reporting the bug.

I don't think this bug was reported previously. It would also have been 
fixed nearly immediately as it is a very simple fix. I will commit it to 
CVS in 2 min.

For bugzilla: it's easier than it seems on the first sight. Just go to, choose "Open a new Bugzilla account" 
and add your email address. After the account has been created go back 
to and choose "Enter a new bug 
report", select "Cocoon 2". From here on nothing can be done that can't 
be fixed if you choose something wrong. Just choose the version you use, 
an arbitrary component you think the bug belongs to, add a summary and a 
description. Commit. Finished.


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