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From Surjan Singh <>
Subject Coplets and new cocoon forms
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:02:37 GMT

Has anyone experienced any problems when moving over from the old Woody 
way of doing things to the new Coocon Forms?

I have a coplet that used Woody. This means that it created a '<form 
action="...' tag. With Woody I used to get the normal Coocon linking 
target, something like:

'<form action="?cocoon-portal-action=0&cocoon-portal-event=14"...'

However, I now get:

'<form action="7b3014571d6d437812643172772b1b3929878a29.continue"...'

This clearly will not work, as Cocoon needs to have the action 
transformed into a the first format.

Any ideas?


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