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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: performance with transformation on BIG xml files
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 15:03:17 GMT wrote:

> So nobody ever served big xml files with Cocoon ?

Don't confuse no answer given with no answer existing.  I have not personally 
(although I was involved with using Cocoon to present the bible in xml format - 
but we split it up into 66 files - one file per book - instead of one big file) 
but many have.  What have you found in the archives for this list and the dev 

In the end, this is an issue with any xsl transformation of large files which 
generally involves putting a bloated dom representation in memory.  If you don't 
have enough memory (sounds like the case) you will get a lot of paging out to 
disk which will lead to abysmal performance.  Look for solutions people have 
tried involving variously saxon, stx (joost), momento, and memory tuning.


> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know if anybody used cocoon for transforming big XML 
>> files and which were the tunings to be made in order to make 
>> performance acceptable.
>> My case: I do a little digital library projet; among the books in this 
>> online library, I have a Bible in TEI format which I present to the 
>> reader as a nicely formatted HTML with a tree-like table of contents 
>> on the left side, navigation buttons (previous/next) etc.
>> The Bible is no little book, that is true, but the performance is 
>> terrible. In order to "suck out" the static version I use "wget -m 
>> http://my.local.cocoon.instalation:8080/cocoon/..." (I publish a 
>> static version online, not the Cocoon dynamic one as I don't have free 
>> Cocoon hosting) --- generating all the HTML little files for that 
>> Bible may take a day.
>> I does work ok for smaller works like novels, poetry books. The Bible 
>> includes all its chapters as entities. Please feel free to ask for 
>> more information, if you need it.
>> I'll paste at the end of this mail my transformation sitemap, in case 
>> anybody has any ideas.
>> Thanks in advance for your ideas.
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