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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Concerning a) Woody bindings, b) Web Service publishing using existing Generator?
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:38:30 GMT
On 17.02.2004 19:05, Ulf Sahlin wrote:

> 1. I've been playing around a little with Woody. From my short usage
> experience, it looks very promising for form management. My business logic
> is implemented in EJB. Is there some load/save binding framework for EJB
> available? Also, I have implemented an XML representation of my Entity Bean
> data using a Cocoon Generator. Is there some way I could use the XML
> representation work already put in place there, by feeding Woody with data
> from a Generator? I don't know if I'm right on the mechanics of Cocoon here,
> please let me know if I'm way off. I know I have to handle saving validated
> form data anyway so maybe using a Generator isn't the right way to go (e.g.
> I cannot avoid using Woody's binding stuff?).

You can also bind to XML, writing some stuff in flow including the 
storing of the pipeline output (that pipeline with your generator) into 
DOM should be no problem. But I don't understand why don't bind directly 
to beans? That's at least what I do though I don't use enterprise beans.

> 2. I would like to publish my own Web Services, based on my existing work in
> Generators (basically, have the SOAP/Axis Reader getting calls using
> existing pipeline structure). Is there some way I can read the data from the
> SOAP XML structure (i.e. retrieve the parameters, encapsulated in SOAP XML,
> to my Generator EJB Finder call)? I'm thinking maybe I could set the
> Generator parameters directly in the pipeline rather than using
> request.getParameter within the Generator (thereby de-coupling it from
> web-based calls only). Based on the call type maybe I could use a common
> Generator to create the XML (*.html = set parameters using
> request.getParameter, *.service = set parameters using ????).
> Pseudo-sitemap below (my guess is it's not very correct syntax):
> <map:match pattern="*.html">
>   <map:generate src="generator.xsp">
>     <map:parameter name="myparam"
> value="{request.getParameter('myparam')}"/>

This can be done by input modules.

>   </map:generate>
>   <map:transform src="transformer-html.xsl"/>
>   <map:serialize type="html"/>
> </map:match>
> <map:match pattern="*.service">
>   <map:read type="soap-rpc" mime-type="text/xml"/>
>   <map:generate src="generator.xsp">
>     <map:parameter name="myparam"
> value="{axis.getParameter('/soap:Envelope/soap:Body/myparam')}"/>

If you store this XML structure somewhere the XModuleSource should work:


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