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From Alexander Schatten <>
Subject Re: [OS-X] Serious Encoding Problems (VM Bug?)
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2004 09:31:44 GMT
Yves Vindevogel wrote:

>btw.: what do you mean with
>mydatabase?charSet=iso-8859-1 dburl.
>In your configuration of the datasources:
>I use this to force Postgresql to send my everything in ISO-8859-1.
>This works under Tomcat / Cocoon 2.0.x on Mac OSX 10.2 (no panther yet on
>that machine)
><jdbc name="mypool">
>  <dburl>jdbc:postgresql://myserver/mydatabase?charSet=iso-8859-1</dburl>

all right; to complete the story, I tried this one too; encoding is 
still not working.

meanwhile I think I have really set everything that is mentioned in the 
documentation, the wiki or the mailinglist:

-- LANG system variable
-- JAVA_OPTIONS on startup
-- this encoding in the driver

still the öäüÄÖÜ are not transferred correctly from the database;

I really believe now, this is a VM bug, but I am curious, that there 
seem to be no other OS X user, that have upgraded the Java VM and did 
not recognize this problem. (again: the application works fine and 
without problems on Linux).


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