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From Bryon Phinney <>
Subject Nested uncaught exceptions from flow
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 21:57:51 GMT
Version - Cocoon 2.1.4
I have a flow that connects up to a pure Java facade layer.  This layer throws various custom
exceptions.  I have implemented the exception handling in the sitemap and I would prefer to
avoid try/catches in the flow scripts as much as possible and let the sitemap error handling
do the work.
It appears that the orignal exception is nested inside an uncaught JavaScript exception and
then inside of a CascadingRuntimeException.
Because of this, using the NotifyingGenerator does not place the exception message at my finger

I would like to access the Java exception object in a jx template.  How do I get a reference
to this object since I am not calling sendPage or sendPageAndWait?

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